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Boer Goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep For Sale In Dorset And The South West


Bucks and



Does and Doelings

Unlike most goat breeders who have just a single kidding season, our scattered breeding system allows us to sell our goats year round. We typically have 15/20 does kidding every four months, with the target of 30-40 kids, meaning that we frequently have doelings and bucklings for sale. We also sell older, ready-to-work bucks and proven does occasionally, depending on whether we are retaining any kids for our own breeding herd.

Our pedigree Dutch Spotted Sheep typically have two lambing seasons per year, and we focus on selling premium Dutch Spotted breeding stock in the spring and summer. However, we occasionally have stock available outside of these times, too, so feel free to reach out to us to learn more. 

Where We Sell Our Pedigree UK Boer Goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep


Generally, most of our pedigree breeding Boer goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep are sold to farms and smallholding in the South West of England. Most of our animals head to wonderful new homes in Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Devon, or Cornwall. However, we also sell pedigree breeding stock much farther afield occasionally. 

About Our Pedigree Boer Goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep


Our Boer goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep are bred to be strong and hardy. The foundation of our Boer Goat herd was originally based on commercial bloodlines, and through the careful addition of some of the top show bloodlines in the country, we have now been able to breed Boer goats which are hardy enough to suit a commercial meat goat system while also offering the required characteristics of show animals. Moreover, we focus heavily on commercial viability and hardiness when breeding our Dutch Spotted sheep, helping ensure they will be able to thrive on any rearing system.

When we make the decision to sell an animal, generally speaking, it will be for the reason of retaining family members. We try to keep our herd and flock as genetically diverse as possible, which helps to ensure their strength and prevent a small gene pool.

Are Boer Goats or Dutch Spotted Sheep Right For Me?


Interested in Boer goats or Dutch Spotted Sheep but not sure whether they are right for you and your farm? We are always happy for people to come out to have a look around with no obligation to buy—we love meeting new people and showing off our herd, which we are immensely proud of—so if you wanted to get a feel for the Boer and Dutch Spotted breeds before committing, give us a shout.


We offer full help and support for all of our customers, and even if you haven't bought goats or sheep from us, we are happy to try to help out with any problems or concerns that you might have!

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