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Starting from November 2019, our farm fresh Dorset Boer goat meat is now available at our local butcher's shop: Paul Keating Butchers in Wimborne. In order to ensure consistent quality meat which is both flavoursome and lean, we run our boys on a forage based diet.


Unlike many herds, we do not routinely castrate our meat boys; this means that their carcasses, and the meat derived from them, is exceptionally lean and low in fat. Furthermore, by continually breeding for superior carcass traits, we are working towards further improving the overall conformation of our Dorset boer goat meat so that each carcass is well covered and meaty.

All of our own boer goat carcasses are high percentage boer, with the majority of our meat goats being purebred boer males that don't quite fit our strict requirements for breeding males. Our meat males are sent for meat from 7 months of age; this gives them a good life on our farm and allows time for the meat to develop flavour. This approach to rearing our meat males is in contrast to the highly intensive approach used by many farmers nowadays; instead, our boys are finished on a forage based diet, with forage either being from our own paddocks, grown by us in our hay field, or sourced locally. Our boys are typically sent for slaughter at a live weight of approximately 38kg or greater, generally achieving a 47-50% kill out rate.

Why Choose Boer Goat Meat?


The Boer goat is widely said to be the world's finest meat goat, and for good reason. Well bred boer goats are muscular and have well defined muscle and exceptionally flavoursome meat, in comparison to dairy kids which have poorer carcasses with a lesser meat to bone ratio. The Boer goat's exceptional fleshing ability also makes it a wonderful sire for Dairy cross kids, ensuring that kids from the Dairy industry need not go to waste and can instead be reared in an ethical manner to produce good quality meat.

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