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Boer Bucks for Sale In Dorset And The South West

Most of our pedigree Boer bucks for sale are sold as young bucklings. Our bucks have impressive growth rates and a gentle disposition. They are typically eager to work from the age of 5 or 6 months old.

We currently have the following pedigree Boer and Meat Goat bucks for sale:


Updated: 11/03/2024

We currently have a very exciting opportunity for enthusiastic breeders looking to invest in the next generation of pedigree Boer goats with a selection of USA-bloodline buck kids (ready to work for the 2024 season) that are simply exceptional in terms of conformation, hardiness, and temperament. These buck kids were born in April / May 2023 and are grandsired by Tuckernutts Total Domination, an exceptional American dappled Boer buck who has added phenomenal length, depth, and muscle to his offspring and grandkids.


Comparatively, these USA-bloodline buck kids are proving themselves excellently, weighing approximately 2/3kg heavier than comparably sized Australian genetics. Very strong animals and an excellent opportunity for those wanting to get ahead of the game.

We also have one exceptionally strong coloured Boer buckling who was reserved in 2023. Unfortunately, the buyers pulled out late into the breeding season, so we have overwintered him ready for the 2024 season. In addition, we have two proven young Australian genetic bucks available, one of which carries the red gene).

Further photos will be taken in the Spring, but viewings and enquiries are welcome for those looking to purchase early. All buck kids will be registered with the BBMGA (the official DEFRA-recognised Boer breed society) in the appropriate herdbook; animals that can have additional BBGS papers for those who want dual registered are denoted by an asterisk, available at the buyer's expense.


- HIMMON KAISER CHIEF, £1400 (tentatively reserved but enquiries still welcome) - Proven, pending scanning, dappled traditional Boer buck kid (chance of the red gene). Sired by Knapp TD Prince and out of Himmon Aurelia

- HIMMON KOMODO, £850 - Proven traditional Boer buck kid (carries the red gene). Sired by Knapp TD Prince out of Himmon Red Egypt. Kids are due in late April / early May and can potentially be seen then.


HIMMON RED KALAHARI, £800* Red Boer buck kid. Sired by Jersey Red Apache, out of Himmon Fizzy. 


- HIMMON KHAN, £650 - Traditional Boer buck kid (chance of the red gene). Sired by Knapp TD Prince, out of Himmon Bumpkin. His twin sister is a dappled traditional.


- HIMMON JACKPOT, £425*Coloured / painted Boer buckling (carrying the red gene). Previously reserved for 2023 but available again due to buyer pulling out late into the breeding season. Sired by Himmon Red Eagle, out of Himmon Beryl.

- HIMMON HORNETS, £425* - Proven traditional Boer buck (chance of the red gene), sired by Topknot Quattro and out of Himmon Carmine. 

HIMMON KYLE, £195 - Traditional buck kid, available registered as a Meat Goat with 100% Boer breed history in the BBMGA's meat goat register. Sired by Knapp TD Prince, out of Himmon Ella. Very strong, gentle kid but registered as a Meat Goat due to a folded ear.

*eligible for additional BBGS papers at buyer's expense if desired

Himmon Komodo.jpg

Himmon Komodo

Himmon Jackpot as a kid (Relisted Due to Buyer Pulling Out)

Tuckernutt's Total Domination, USA Grandsire (Photo Courtesy of Smart Reproduction)

Himmon Bucks.jpg

Himmon Kaiser Chief, Himmon Khan, and Himmon Komodo

Dappled Boer Buck Kid UK.jpg
Himmon Khan.jpg

Himmon Khan

Newborn Dappled Boer Buck Kid (12 Hours Old)

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