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Himmon Copse Farm: Pedigree Boer Goats and

Dutch Spotted Sheep in Dorset, South West UK

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Welcome to the website of Himmon Boer Goats, Dorset—breeders of pedigree Boer goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep and suppliers of Boer goat meat in Dorset.


We supply the farming and smallholding community of South, South East, and South West England (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire and—of course—Dorset) with pedigree and unregistered Boer goat and Dutch Spotted Sheep breeding stock. We also sell fresh Boer goat meat to our local butcher.


We specialise in breeding premium-quality, commercially-focused traditional, coloured (paint), red, black, and dappled Boer goats from Old English, Canadian, Australian, and USA bloodlines, genetically distinct from the majority of the modern UK herd. We also focus on producing hardy and low-input Dutch Spotted Sheep, bred and reared to thrive on low inputs for both commercial and pedigree systems.

Foundations Of the Himmon Herd of Boer Goats In Dorset


Our herd was established in 2012 with a foundation group of approximately 20 breeding does from the Devese herd of Boer goats in Somerset and the Woodside herd of Boer goats in Wiltshire, as well as a few individuals from Cockerham bloodlines. We have since built the herd up and, through careful selection and with the addition of some of the top UK Boer goat bloodlines—including Topknot, Beech Hay, Terraweena, Armadown, and most recently USA dapple Boer genetics—we have created a herd of Boer goats which meet our highly specific standards.

Foundations Of the Himmon Flock of Dutch Spotted Sheep In Dorset


Our flock of pedigree Dutch Spotted Sheep was established in January 2021 with the purchase of two purebred in-lamb imported ewes, and over the subsequent years, we have grown our flock with several new bloodlines, including genetics from Merryboro, Wedderburn, Beech Hay, Sandymount, Sunnybank, Wellbrook, Cofton, Orchard End, and several new imported bloodlines. Altogether, this has helped us establish our flock with a selection of carefully chosen ewes capable of thriving on a low-input system, and going forward, we are focusing on continuing to produce premium breeding stock that will thrive in any setting.

We are proud to be the first registered breeders of Pedigree Dutch Spotted Sheep in Dorset, and we are actively working to help promote and expand this excellent breed to new audiences.

Characteristics Of Himmon Boer Goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep


Our Boer goats and Dutch Spotted Sheep have fast growth rates on minimal feed inputs, are easy kidding / lambing, and are resistant to parasites and worms. Our does and ewes are selected for their prolificacy and excellent mothering abilities. Moreover, our Boer Goat breeding stock has been chosen from the most fertile does who are capable of breeding three times in two years, making our South West Boer goats ideal for use as the foundation for both breeding stock and commercial herds. 


Our herd and flock have been bred with the intention of allowing them to live out year-round without the need for expensive barns or excessive supplementation. In regards to conformation, we place a high emphasis on producing quality stock with a generous length of back, excellent muscling, and the ideal depth-of-body ratio, as set out by the Boer and Dutch Spotted breed standards.

We are members of both the British Boer and Meat Goat Association (BBMGA) and the BBGS with our pedigree Boer goats and the Dutch Spotted Sheep Society.

Boer Goat and Dutch Spotted Sheep Breeding Stock And Boer Goat Meat For Sale In Dorset


We have three kidding seasons a year, in April, August, and December, which means that we typically have Dorset and South West Boer goats for sale all year round. Furthermore, our ewes lamb in two staggered groups: the majority of the flock lamb early, with our replacement ewe lambs usually lambing slightly later in early Spring.


Our Boer goat kids for sale are available from the age of 3 months, although we occasionally have proven Boers for sale as well. Our Dutch Spotted sheep and lambs for sale are typically available in the summer, although feel free to contact us at any time of year to see whether we have stock available.


See our For Sale page for more information on the Boer goats for sale and Dutch Spotted Sheep for sale that we currently have available, or give us an email or a phone call; we don't always get around to advertising stock immediately, which means that if you contact us in advance then you could have first call on some excellent breeding stock!

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